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Family care for the disabled or intellectually disabled

Family care is intended for an intellectually disabled or disabled person, who cannot be housed and treated at his or her own home with the help of other services.

The objective of the service is to provide a chance for home-like care and close, stable relations with others.

The care aims to promote the customer's wellbeing and support their growth and development.

The service is applied for from the social worker at the social work unit of the disabled at the customer's own residential area.

Long-term family care is charged as a full maintenance customer charge, which may be up to 85% of the customer's available monthly income. The funds for personal use must be at least 99 euros/month

Family care is arranged on the basis of a service contract or as a purchased service from a private service provider or joint municipality. Long-term family care has approximately 90 customers. Family homes are located in Helsinki, elsewhere in the capital city area and in other municipalities in Finland (among others, Karjalohja, Kaarina, Harjavalta, Keuruu, Savonlinna).

The necessary services of customers in family care in other municipalities will be provided as purchased services by the local service providers.

A customer in family care may receive the services, based on the act on services for the disabled and the act concerning intellectually disabled people with the same conditions as the other customers of outpatient services. These services may include work and day activities, transport services and renovations of apartments.


The condition for receiving the service is a customership with the special care unit of intellectually disabled people.

Family care for customers with autism spectrum disorders is organised as a service defined in the Social Welfare Act.

The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish

Related service points and contact information:


The Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division

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