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Transport service and the related escort service

The transport service is intended for a person with a severe disability, who would have to face, for a long time, unreasonable difficulties, when using public transport.

The purpose of transport services is to promote the equality of a person with severe disabilities and his or her opportunities for active life.

The service is carried out with a transport vehicle, equipped with devices required by the person's disability, or with a regular taxi.

The transport service for people with severe disabilities is applied for via the social work for the disabled in the customer's own residential area. Swedish-speaking customers apply for the services via the Eastern Office of the social work services for the disabled.

The transportations are ordered from the Helsingin Matkapalvelu service centre. The centre has the data concerning the personal, transport-related special needs of the customers.

A liability share will be charged from the customer, which equals the ticket price charged from passengers of public transport.

Escort service

If the customer requires help for getting to the transport car from home or for getting from the vehicle to his or her destination and back, the customer may request help from the driver. This includes help with for example in the lift, staircases or the hallways of a building.

In such cases, help from the driver is included in the transport service decision.

If assistance from the driver is not sufficient, the customer has to contact the social counsellor of the transport service, in order to arrange the necessary assistance.

Helsingin matkapalvelu service numbers 24/7:

- orders tel. 09 2312 3000
- information tel. 09 2312 3001
- feedback tel. 09 2312 3002

- information about timetables tel. 09 2312 3003
- transports to work and studies tel. 09 2312 3004
- sms orders tel. 046 851 0973


The applicant's need for the service is assessed, based on a doctor's statement and a review concerning the customer's social situation. If necessary, an evaluation by a physiotherapist is required on the customer's motional abilities. If the application concerns travel related to work or studies, the customer must present a clarification regarding his work or study journeys.

Transport to work and day activities of the disabled are arranged separately as group transport.

The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish

Related service points and contact information:


The Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division

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