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Community centre activities

Community centres are open to all and they are great places for the residents to spend their time and meet each other. In resident houses, you can have a cup of coffee or even a meal in some. You can also read the day's paper, use a computer and its Internet connection, do arts and crafts or just stop by on your walk. The houses offer various activities for people of all ages.

Community centres are a venue for various events, such as flea markets and other recycling events, sing-alongs, workshops, theatre performances and excursions. Meetings of various public and closed groups are also held there. The schedules and events of these groups are presented in the calendar of the centres.

The services are free for the customers. Fees can only be charged for renting the premises or for materials and other costs related to the operations.

The residents in the area can rent these premises for their own purposes in evenings and on weekends.

Workers are present in order to provide the residents with channels to influence others, such as regional forums and the city district newspaper.


The activities in community centres are open for all.

The service is only for Helsinkians.

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The Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division

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