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Activity centres for informal care families

We support the well-being, ability to cope and functional ability of older informal caregivers and care receivers at our activity centres for informal care.

Social instructors working at the activity centres provide guidance, counselling and up-to-date information on services to informal care families. We also organise coaching courses for new informal caregivers at our activity centres. In addition, you can partake in the Life after informal care (Omaishoitajasta omaiseksi) -coaching that is meant for informal caregivers whose loved one is about to move or has already moved into a care home.

There are four activity centres for informal care:
- Southern Activity Centre for Informal Care at the Töölö Senior Centre,
- Eastern Activity Centre for Informal Care at the Myllypuro Senior Centre,
- Northern Activity Centre for Informal Care at the Syystie Senior Centre in Malmi,
- Western Activity Centre for Informal Care at the Pohjois-Haaga Service Centre for Seniors and the Unemployed and Hopeatie Assisted Living Facility in Pohjois-Haaga.

You can participate in the activities of any of the activity centres listed above.


The informal care activity centres serve all informal care families.

The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

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Social Services and Health Care Division

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