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Supported living in a practice apartment by Child Welfare Services

Young people move to supported living when it's decided that supported living is in their best interest. Moving into supported living is planned together with a social worker, the guardians and a representative from supported living.

The work for supported living starts by meeting the young person and getting to know their situation together with the referring party. During the meeting the young person's readiness to become independent and the rules for supported living are discussed.

When a young person moves to supported living they and their guardian sign a contract for supported living. Separate rental or electricity contracts are not made. The apartments are furnished and the young person only needs to bring their private belongings. The unit for supported living is responsible for the young person's livelihood. The young person gets e.g. housekeeping money and spending money. In addition, travel expenses are paid for. Other income of the young person may affect the amount of benefit intended for supported living.

During supported living the young person learns how to conduct their affairs independently with the support of the instructors. The instructors help the young person with e.g. cleaning, cooking, clothing maintenance and spending. They also support school attendance, advice how to deal with the authorities and work together with the young person's networks. The young person is also encouraged to have hobbies and to keep contact with people who are important to them.

The objective of supported living is that the young person is ready to live independently after they turn 18.


Supported living is primarily intended for young people moving out of children's homes. The foster care client counselling makes the referral to supported living. The service is intended for residents of Helsinki.

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