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Integration services for refugees

The integration services support your integration and independent coping in Finnish society.

You can get guidance on how to use the government agencies and information on Finnish society without an appointment as part of the integration services.

You can get information on social security and help in evaluating you financial situation. You can also get supplementaryor preventivesocial assistance, if necessary.

With an appointment, you can get support and guidance from your personal worker. They are part of a multi-professional team. The other members in these teams can be social care workers, social workers, psychologists, physiotherapists or nurses.

Your personal worker will support you in:
- planning your education and career
- family reunification or with other wellbeing issues concerning your children or family
- everyday life and free time
- having a health check-up
- controlling substance abuse
- solving crisis situations.

You can also get support in living independently. Support visits can be made to your home. The number of visits is based on the evaluation on your need You make this evaluation together with your personal worker. Other housing services are also available.

In order to get housing services, you need to make an appointment at the Immigration unit for a service needs evaluation. After the evaluation, the support services that you can get will be discussed with you. A plan will be made on the organisation of the support measures. The realisation of the plan will be monitored together.

The service is produced by the Immigration unit, which will cooperate with other authorities and third sector operators, if necessary.

The service is free of charge.


The service is intended for refugees or comparable persons and immigrants who have had an initial assessment conducted to them and have lived in Finland less than three years. The person must also be permanently living in Helsinki.

The situations of all your family members are evaluated separately by interviewing them at the office or during a house call. The interview is done with the help of an interpreter in your own language.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish, English, Arabic, Estonian, Russian, Somali

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Social Services and Health Care Division

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