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Initial assessment

The initial assessment (alkukartoitus) is meant to help you find the services you need to support your integration.

The initial assessment evaluates
- your education
- your work experience
- your language skills
- other things that are involved in living in Finland.

You will also be given information and guidance on the City of Helsinki's services. An interpreter (tulkki) can be present during the initial assessment, if necessary.

You can apply for the initial assessment at the Immigration unit if you are not unemployed. The Employment and Economic Development Office (TE-toimisto) conducts the initial assessment for people who are unemployed jobseekers.

If you already know some Finnish, you will be asked to take a language test at the Testipiste language assessment centre. The Immigration unit will direct you to suitable training, after the test results come back.

After the initial assessment, a personal integration plan can be made for you. In addition, you can get a personal worker who will guide and support you.

The personal worker helps you find activities in Helsinki and Helsinki region. These activities include:
- playground activities for children and their parents who are taking care of them at home
- activities for the elderly at service centres
- activities for adults at community centres
- training for immigrants that prepares for vocational education
- reading and writing courses for immigrants
- other activities organised by associations and projects.

The service is free of charge.

The Employment and Economic Development Office (TE-toimisto) carries out the initial assessment of an unemployed person and registers him or her as a job seeker.
For further information on the initial assessment, contact the Employment and Economic Development Office.
Employment and Economic Development Office of Helsinki, Immigration services
Based on the initial assessment, it is possible to compile a personal integration plan, which will help the immigrant to take the next steps in the new environment with the help of professionals.

Activities supporting integration

In Helsinki and the nearby regions, there are plenty of activities that can help the new residents to find their way:
- activities at playgrounds for children and stay-at-home parents
- activities for the elderly in Service Centres
- activities for adults in community centres and Partnership Buildings and local stations
- trainings that prepare immigrants for vocational training
- reading and writing training for immigrants
- other activities by different organisations and projects


The Immigration unit can make you an initial assessment when
- you move to Helsinki from abroad or from another location in Finland
- you are not an unemployed jobseeker
- you have not had an initial assessment made for you in your previous home municipality.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish, English, Arabic, Estonian, Russian, Somali

Related service points and contact information:


The Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division

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