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Work activities for the disabled by the employment support

The purpose of work activities for the disabled is to support and promote the client's ability to work and function, and facilitate their return to work, if necessary.

The work activities involve a comprehensive rehabilitation, in which the client works according to their abilities and skills. Clientship is established with a service needs evaluation. A plan for the work activities will be drawn up and reviewed regularly. The work activities may last for months or even years, and their weekly duration can range from one to five days, four to six hours a day. If necessary, the client will be referred to other social and health care services facilitating their rehabilitation.

Work activities for the disabled are organised in the City's own locations, as well as at external work centres covered by the purchased service contract. The benefits for the participants include work activity compensation of €6 or €8 per day, a HSL travel card, a warm meal and a coffee. The benefits provided by the purchased service contract locations include work activity compensation of €8 or €12 per day and a coffee. Usually, the income of a disabled person participating in the work activities consists of the income support payment, disability pension or rehabilitation grant.

In addition to this, during their work activities period, a client may apply for job coaching intended to promote employment of people with partial work ability, organised at the City's purchased service contract locations.

A client may apply for the work activities for the disabled personally or receive a referral from another service.

The service is free of charge for the clients.

Client guidance: Mon-Fri 9-15


A person who requires special support due to a handicap, disability, illness or some other reason.

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