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Service needs assessment and support for families with children

The need for basic services and Child Welfare Services is assessed together with the child and family and as multidisciplinary collaboration. The family members are met together and individually 1-5 times over the course of a maximum of three months for the purpose of providing guidance and advice as well as immediate support and help. The assessment may also involve collaboration with people familiar with the child's and the family's situation and other experts, as necessary.

Factors that may cause strain include problems related to the child's upbringing, the child's symptoms, the parents' fatigue, problems related to interaction between family members, a difficult financial situation, substance abuse in the family, mental health problems and other problems related to everyday life.

The regional service needs assessment and support working group may be contacted by a client seeking support or by a worker concerned about the child's or the family's situation. Workers contact the working group primarily with the client.

The service is free of charge for families.


The service is based on the Social Welfare Act and is intended for children and families living in Helsinki whose life situation is strained or who are in need of support. The need for services is assessed in order to find suitable forms of help and support.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish

Related service points and contact information:


The Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division

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