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Day activities for persons with severe disabilities

Day activities are goal-oriented activities outside the home, arranged on weekdays, which promote independent living, participation and social interaction.

The service is intended for a person with severe disabilities, who is unable to work and lives in an apartment, sheltered housing group or in a service home and who requires meaningful and goal-oriented, social activities.

The goals are that the severely disabled person may live in his/her own home and the promotion of the person's psychological, physical and social wellbeing, as well as the facilitation of social interaction and support for the person's close community, when necessary.

Day activities provide a regular daily schedule, the teaching of everyday skills and how to take care of oneself, mental support and interaction, guided activities, club activities, excursions and events and a meal service.

The service is applied for via the social worker of the social work services for the disabled of the customer's own residential area. Swedish-speaking customers should apply for the services via the Eastern Office of the social work services for the disabled, where they can receive service in Swedish.

The service is provided by various organisations of the disabled and other private service providers.

The customer will pay for the meal costs of the day activities and his or her liability share of the transport costs. Otherwise, the day activities are free of charge for the customers.

breakfast 2,60 e
lunch 5,15 e
coffee/tee with pastry 2,60 e
enkelresa 2,25 e

Together with the service provider and the social worker of the disabled, the customer will compile a plan that defines the number of activity days and the objectives of the operations.


Day activities, in accordance with the Disability Services Act, are arranged for severally disabled young people and people of working age, who are under 65-year-old.

The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish


The Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division

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