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Follow-up rehabilitation of substance abuse services

Follow-up rehabilitation is a form of support intended for people recovering from substance dependence.

The follow-up rehabilitation phase starts when the substance use has ended and the customer has sufficient resources for other actions, besides staying sober. The follow-up rehabilitation phase is one of the recovery stages of a person with a substance addiction and it takes place, either during the rehab or after it.

The purpose of the follow-up rehabilitation is to help the recovering addict by providing support for the everyday life and substance-free social relations.

The support provided by the follow-up rehabilitation concretely solves the problems of the customer's everyday life, and it reacts quickly to any changes in the support needs due to, for example, a crisis or a transitional phase in the customer's life. It also includes the occupational rehabilitation of the customer, which aims to find solutions for the issues related to the customer's education, employment and the assessment of his or her work abilities.

The work of the follow-up rehabilitation workers is not tied to a specific location, which means that they may meet the customers at their homes or in different service locations, such as substance abuse rehabilitation and psychiatric clinics, the Employment and Economic Development Offices, Kela or social services.

The duration of the customership depends on the situation - usually it is a long-term process.

The follow-up rehabilitation and the peer support association Suojatie work together in the Partnership House Harjula.

The follow-up rehabilitation services are free for the customers.


The service is intended for adults recovering from substance dependencies and their loved ones.

The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish, English

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Social Services and Health Care Division

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