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Outpatient rehabilitation by substance abuse services

The periods of outpatient rehabilitation include intensive day rehabilitation for various customer groups.

Outpatient rehabilitation periods are carried out in the various regional substance abuse rehabilitation clinics. Their lengths and target groups vary. The work methods of outpatient rehabilitation include discussions, various functional exercises and assignments.

The goal of the outpatient rehabilitation periods is to support the substance-free life of the customers and provide them with knowledge and tools that help them to avoid substance abuse. Furthermore, the purpose is to create opportunities for participating in social activities and strengthen the customer's substance-free network, as well as aim to find new contents for a substance-free life. The outpatient rehabilitation period also facilitates the creation of the customer's daily rhythm.

Those outpatient rehabilitation services that include a meal service charge a customer fee of e 16.30 a day.


The outpatient rehabilitation requires that the customer is committed to a substance-free life during the outpatient rehabilitation period, to the weekly schedule and to group working and is also able to process his or her substance abuse background. It is essential that the customer is willing to consider his or her substance abuse problem honestly.

The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

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