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Treatment of substance dependencies and other addictions

The outpatient services of substance abuse rehabilitation clinics and the youth station are intended for people who need help with substance dependencies or other addictions.

Substance abuse rehabilitation clinics and the youth station are outpatient clinics that specialise in substance dependence problems. They provide services for treating harmful addictions. The services are confidential, free of charge and based on free will. The customers may freely choose their substance abuse rehabilitation clinic, regardless of their living area.

The treatment is started with an assessment period of 1 to 5 visits, during which the situation and treatment needs are evaluated and an initial treatment and service needs plan is compiled, in cooperation with the customer. Treatment methods include individual, couple's and family meetings and group rehabilitation.

Applying for non-institutional and institutional rehabilitation and substitution therapy is done via substance abuse rehabilitation clinics.


The customer's service needs are reviewed during the initial assessment.

The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian

Related service points and contact information:


The Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division

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