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Assisted, guided and supported housing for the intellectually disabled

Group homes provide disabled people with assisted, guided and supported housing. When assessing the housing options, the customer's need for assistance, care, guidance and support in everyday life is taken into account.

Assisted housing is suitable for a person who requires plenty of assistance, care, guidance and support for everyday activities. Assisted housing includes 24-hour supervision, which means that assistance and support from the personnel are available at all times.

Guided housing is suitable for a person who requires some assistance, care, guidance and support for everyday activities. Guided housing does not provide 24-hour supervision, but the customer receives daily assistance, support and guidance for living, mostly during evenings and weekends.

Supported housing is suitable for people who are quite independent in their daily activities. Housing guidance and support are arranged, either with the help of group home workers or other support services, such as home care instructors. The amount of support is case-specific.

The Premises Centre of the Real Estate Department compiles the rental agreements for the residents. The resident pays the rent, as determined by the Premises Centre for the residential space allocated to him or her and for his or her part of the shared premises. The Premises Centre defines the housing expenses in the housing unit individually for each room. If the residents share a room, the lease of the said room will be divided by the number of people living in it. Each resident pays his or her part of the common areas used by all residents. Such common areas include the shared living room, dining area and sanitary facilities.

In addition, the customer is charged the maintenance cost of living, which includes the basic fee and meal costs. The basic fee includes, for example, the centralised acquisitions and services of the group home, such as laundry and furniture and the cleaning of the shared premises. Meals are either charged individually or the resident may choose a so called full meal service.

The resident will pay for all their personal purchases. Among others, these include clothes, furniture, personal hygiene products, health care, drugs, hobbies and holidays.


The condition for receiving the service is a customership with the special care unit of intellectually disabled people.

The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

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Social Services and Health Care Division

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