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Housing services for the intellectually disabled in group homes

Group homes provide disabled people with assisted, guided and supported housing.

The operation of group homes stems from the resident's needs. The group home workers help, guide and support the resident and take care of him or her in all daily activities. The purpose is to promote the resident's right of self-determination and equality, so that the resident may live as independent and rich an everyday life as his or her life's situation allows.

An annual personal guidance plan is compiled for the resident, based on his or her needs. This plan considers all the most important functions, in regard to the resident's comprehensive situation, and drafts concrete objectives for the him or her, in cooperation with the resident, while taking the resident's hopes and wishes into account. The group home workers work actively together with the resident's family and friends, social workers, work place or educational institute, as well as the operators of health care.

Group homes provide their residents with daily meals, in either his or her personal premises or in shared premises. The included meals are: breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening snack.

The municipal health care centre, home care, special health care or private doctor treating the resident has the responsibility for the resident's health care. The group home workers will help and instruct the resident in important matters related to the resident's health care. In addition, group homes ensure that the resident receives their necessary medicines.

Most residents in group homes have an appointed trustee to take care of their financial matters. The management of financial matters and purchases of any larger acquisitions are agreed upon with the trustee. The resident's available funds can be kept in the group home, if necessary, and a book will be kept of their use. These funds are intended for the everyday purchases of the resident, for entertainment and similar costs.

The residents are supported and instructed in leisure activities, general activities and the maintaining of social relations. The communication methods best suited for the resident will be used to interact with him or her.

The Department of Social Services and Health Care has over thirty group homes intended for disabled adults. In addition, the city purchases housing services from private service providers.

The service is applied for from the social worker of Developmental Disabilities Services at the social work unit of the customer's own residential area. The decision on the placement is given by the SAS workgroup.


The condition for receiving the service is a customership with the special care unit of the intellectually disabled people.

The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

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Social Services and Health Care Division

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