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Supported employment service

The supported employment service offers work training primarily aimed at finding full- or part-time employment for the customer. Work coaching is carried out individually.

Training starts with mapping skills and job options in order to determine the opportunities for finding employment, the customer's skills and need for support. The service works together with the customer to help them find a suitable job, send job applications and go to job interviews. The customer is also supported in taking care of all matters related to work, if necessary.

Work coaching is also available at the new job, and the objective of the coaching is to reduce the amount of support gradually. The employer is also supported in matters concerning employment, such as applying for pay subsidies. Support from the employment counsellor is also available later on during the employment relationship, if necessary.

There is no fixed term for the client relationship and the service is free of charge.


Service of supported employment customers must be 18 or older and they must be residents of Helsinki. They may have been diagnosed with a developmental disability, autistic spectrum disorder, ADHD/ADD, speech and language development disorder, pervasive developmental disorder, mixed specific developmental disorder or other developmental disorder or disability.

A service needs assessment is conducted together with the customer, social work and supported employment service to agree on starting the service. The prerequisite is that work coaching is deemed useful to the customer in finding employment and the customer must benefit from the service. During the service needs assessment, the customer's attitude and motivation to work is emphasised.

Some applicants may be referred to studies, other work activity units or day activity centres, services offered by Kela or other services better suited to the customer's needs, if necessary.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish

Related service points and contact information:


The Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division

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