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Work coaching by the service of supported employment

The main objective of supported work is to find part-time or full-time paid work for the customer.

The service is applied for from the Service of supported employment. Written application is not required.

The services of supported employment offer a comprehensive service system, which includes finding a job, individual training for it, continuous support in the work through support visits at the work place and maintenance of the employment contract.

The service aims to help the customer to become a part of society and to improve the customer's quality of life and livelihood.

The services are free of charge for the customers and the employers.
When making the decision on whether or not to grant a customership, the customer's attitude and motivation to work is emphasised. Some of the applicants may be instructed to study or take part in work or day activities, for example.

A work coach takes part in the employment process, in accordance with the contract and customer's need for support. The work coach can help the customer to find employment, during an interview, to plan for the work tasks and during work orientation. The worker, employer and the work coach will agree together on the subjects and need for work orientation.

The work coach supports and offers advice in various matters related to the work contract, as well as other matters concerning employment and at the end of the work contract.

The work coach will continue to offer support, if the work assignments change or the employer changes, for example. The work coach also offers support when the customer advances on his or her career.

Together with the customer, the work coach will compile a career plan, which is updated at least once a year, as agreed upon.

Customership is not a fixed term. However, after the employment is stable, it can be agreed that the services of the work coach are no longer needed. If there is a later further need for the services, the customer can be reintroduced to the supported employment services when there are open positions.


The condition for receiving the services of supported employment is that the customer is over 18 years old and has intellectual disabilities or a disorder of the autism spectrum (for example, Asperger syndrome), ADHD and/or dysphasia.

The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish

Related service points and contact information:


Social Services and Health Care Division

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