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Physiotherapy is individual and group therapy for promoting and maintaining the physical ability to function as well as counselling and guidance to support self-care.

Centralised phone service for physiotherapy
weekdays 8: 00-15: 00
tel. 09 310 67000
We have a call-back service.


The client needs to be a client of the City of Helsinki's health station services in order to use the physiotherapy services of the basic health care services of the City.

The need for physiotherapy will primarily be assessed at health station services by phone or via online services, which provide instructions and advice to support self-care.

If there is a need for an appointment regarding musculoskeletal problems, the client will primarily be referred directly to physiotherapy or to the doctor, if necessary.

Based on their assessment, the doctor may recommend going to physiotherapy and give the contact information of the centralised phone service for physiotherapy to make an appointment.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish

Contact info and service points:

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Social Services and Health Care Division

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