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Disability Outpatient Clinic

Services by the outpatient clinic for the intellectually disabled
The outpatient clinic for the intellectually disabled provides support, guidance and care in matters related to intellectual disability.

The outpatient clinic for the intellectually disabled reviews the service needs of intellectually disabled people in co-operation with social work services and carries out assessments and gives out statements in different life situations. A key service method is planning and organising the rehabilitation in co-operation with the disabled people, their families and local workers.

For its customers, the outpatient clinic for the intellectually disabled:
- provides individual assessments regarding the need for special care
- assesses, arranges and monitors the need for rehabilitation aids and assistive equipment
- provides examination, care, rehabilitation, guidance and advice services.

To become a customer, you must contact the social worker of services for the intellectually disabled in your residential region.

The services are free of charge for the customers.

The customers visit the outpatient clinic to go to work group and special worker appointments. In addition to this, the workers work with the customers in their familiar operational environments (home, day care centres, school, group home, work and activity centres). The purpose is to promote the functional abilities of the intellectually disabled and to support their participation in society. Work is carried out in co-operation with the customer's family, social workers, day care centres, schools, work and day activity centres, group homes and other co-operative partners.

The work of the outpatient clinic for the intellectually disabled emphasises matters related to mental disability that come up in different stages of life. The focus is on matters such as behavioural and mental health problems, autism rehabilitation, epilepsy, interaction and communication, and education and consultation.


The doctor and the psychologist of the outpatient clinic for the intellectually disabled will review the necessary documents to assess the conditions for a customer relationship. People with a diagnosed disability from Helsinki, who are granted the customer relationship by the management team of special care, can become customers.

The service is intended for residents of Helsinki.

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The Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division

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