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Rescue services, general grant application

Organisations in the rescue field may apply for a grant for their operations.


General grants can be applied for by registered organisations, which have been operational for at least a year and whose operations are aimed for the benefit of the people of Helsinki. The operations must relate to prevention of accidents, rescue operations or civic defence.

Budget grant applications must be filed by the end of April of the preceding year. The specific filing date is announced annually in the city's public announcement.

1. The applicant will be informed about the decision by mail.
2. The grant awarded is paid to the bank account of the applicant foundation.
3. A report concerning the use of the grant must be provided with next year's application. Even if the grant is not applied for the next year, a report must still be provided. In the latter case, the report may be made using the message feature.

More information:

A grant may be used only for the purpose it was awarded for and it cannot be awarded onwards.


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Using the e-service requires you to sign in either with your bank access codes or with mobile certificate.

Service available every day around the clock authorization code:

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When the applicant has filled in a grant application, he or she may save it in a personal e-services folder or send the application to the grant processing system for processing. The processing of the matter may be traced under Development.

The information in the application may be changed as long as the application has the status Received. When the application has the status Processed, it can no longer be changed. An updated application replaces an earlier application. Appendices may be sent before the given deadline using the message feature. The contact information of the person in charge can be found under Development.

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