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Apply for an operating grant application for organisers of afternoon activities for school children

Apply for a grant online or by filling in a pdf form.


First, contact the service manager at the Education Division after-school activities unit and agree on the possible start of operations.

Submit your application by the application deadline, which is in January each year. Further details of the application period are published in the City's annual public notice for grant applications in early December. You can complete the application and submit any attachments after the deadline via the e-service or by post.

1. Education Division will process the application and propose the amount of the grant.

2. Education and Training Committee decides on the principles for awarding the grant.

3. Head of Administration makes decisions on payments to individual associations and organisations.

4. The decision is sent to the applicant and the grant is paid into the applicant's bank account in accordance with the City's grant guidelines.

5. A report on the use of the grant must be submitted with the following year's application. The report must be submitted even if the grant is not applied for in the following year.

Processing time:

Approximately three months.

Expiration date:

The application sent is valid until the decision is made or the application is withdrawn.

More information:

The grant may only be used for the purpose for which it was awarded and may not be redistributed.

For further information, please contact:

Enquiries on the operations and after-school activities
Service Manager
Leena Palve-Kaunisto
Tel. 09 310 86809

Enquiries on finances and grant applications
Hanna Keränen
Tel. 09 310 86338


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To use the service, you need to identify with online banking credentials or mobile ID.

Service available every day around the clock authorization code:

Avustushakemuksen tekeminen


Once you have completed the grant application, you can save it as a draft in your personal service folder or submit it to the grant processing system. You can follow the progress of the application in your personal service folder under 'Tapahtumat' (Actions).
If the application is in the 'Vastaanotettu' (Received) status, the application can be edited. When the application is in the 'Käsittely' (Processing) status, it can no longer be edited. An updated application will replace a previously submitted application. Attachments can be sent using the 'Viesti' (Message) feature up until the deadline. In the Tapahtumat' (Actions) section you can see the contact details of the person processing the application.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish, English

Read more:

Printable forms - Apply for a grant (pdf)

Related service points and contact information:


Education Division

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