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Youth work service, operating and hiring grant application

Helsinki-based pre-youth and youth associations may apply for a grant for their annual operations.


A general grant is awarded for the support of general operations in Helsinki-based pre-youth associations, in which two-thirds of the members are under age 16. Hiring grants are awarded to youth or pre-youth organisations' Helsinki-based district organisations, or corresponding organisations, which have subordinate local youth associations or divisions or if the nature of the organisation requires organising.

A grant is awarded for the support of general operations in Helsinki-based associations, which have started operations at least in the previous calendar year. An evaluation of the association's operations, performed in cooperation with the Youth Centre, is a requirement for the hiring grant.

1. The application must be sent in no later than on the last working day in February, by 4 p.m.
2. The annual report and accounts must be delivered by March 31.
3. The grant decision is made by the Youth Committee.
4. The applicant will be informed about the decision by mail.

Processing time:

3 - 4 months.

Expiration date:

Once an application has been sent in, it is valid until the decision has been made.

More information:

The grants are awarded in accordance with the Youth Committee's standing orders for grants. The Youth Committee confirms specific grant guidelines on an annual basis.


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Using the eService requires you to sign in either with your bank access codes or with mobile certificate or a Katso ID for corporations.

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When the applicant has filled in a grant application, he or she may save it in a personal e-services folder or send the application to the grant processing system for processing. The processing of the matter may be traced under Development.

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