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Youth work service, project grant application

Helsinki-based pre-youth and youth associations as well as youth activity groups may apply for a grant for organising a youth activity group project, programme, event or function or for participating in corresponding activities.


A grant may be awarded to Helsinki-based pre-youth or youth associations or youth activity groups, in which two-thirds of the members are Helsinkians under age 25.

Youth activity groups must have an adult contact person, who is responsible for the use of the grant. The contact person must fill in a contact information form, which is signed and sent to the Office for Civic Activity by Young People.

- A project grant is a one-time grant awarded for a youth activity project and it includes a perspective for operational development and innovation, while aiming to increase youth participation and strengthen the social dimension. It can be awarded for a project, programme, event or function or for participating in corresponding activities. Project grants are not awarded for projects which are part of an organisation's operating plan or regular operations.
- The project grants are divided into two categories:over EUR 3 000 applications and below EUR 3 000 applications.

The application periods for project grants over EUR 3 000 are:
- projects for the coming year:December 15, by 4 p.m.(or last working day before that)
- projects for the current year:last working day of April, by 4 p.m. and last working day of September, by 4 p.m.

Project grants below EUR 3 000 can be applied for all year round.

1. The application must always be sent in before the start of the project.
2. The the Youth Board decides on project grants over EUR 3 000 and the Office for Civic Activity by Young People on project grants up to EUR 3 000.
3. The applicant will be informed about the decision by mail.

Processing time:

Project grants over EUR 3 000:1-2 months after the deadline for the application period and project grants up to EUR 3 000:2-3 weeks, if there is no need for additional reports.

Expiration date:

Once an application has been sent in, it is valid until the decision has been made.

More information:

The grants are awarded in accordance with the Youth Committee's standing orders for grants. The Youth Committee confirms specific grant guidelines on an annual basis.


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Using the e-service requires you to sign in either with your bank access codes or with mobile certificate or a Katso ID for corporations.

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When the applicant has filled in a grant application, he or she may save it in a personal e-services folder or send the application to the grant processing system for processing. The processing of the matter may be traced under Development.

The information in the application may be changed as long as the application has the status "Received". When the application has the status "Processed", it can no longer be changed. An updated application replaces an earlier application. Appendices may be sent before the given deadline using the message feature. The contact information of the person in charge can be found under Development.

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