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Notification of food premises

You can submit a notification of food premises, a start of operations, an essential change of operations, suspension of operations, a change of operator and closing down the business.


The food business operator must make the notification to the City of Helsinki Environment Services of the Food Act (23/2006, revision 352/2011) section 13 subsection 1, in accordance with the notification of food premises, of the start of operations or any essential change four (4) weeks prior to the commencement or an intended change. The Environment Services gives the food activity operator a certificate for processing the declaration.

The operator must also submit a notification to the Environment Services without delay about a change of operator, suspension of operations or closing down the business.

1. The Environment Services receives the notification.
2. An inspector reviews the form. The Environment Services may request more information for handling the notification if necessary.
3. The Environment Services will send the certificate for processing the notification.
4. Food premises are subject to planned inspections according to a schedule based on the risk classification, no later than 1-6 months after the notification has been received. These inspections are subject to a charge.


The notification of establishing a business and making changes to the operations of food premises based in Helsinki are subject to a charge.

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For more information call (09) 310 14000. To email can you send floorplans in PDF for evaluation.


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