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Notification of temporary food sales

You can submit a notification of temporary food product give-aways, sales, preparation or serving at market places or other locations. The notification duty also applies to sales and serving taking place from approved movable food premises.


The notification must be submitted no later than four (4) workdays prior to the initiation of the activities.

1. The Environment Services receives the notification.
2. An inspector reviews the form.
3. The customer will be contacted if any additional information is required on any of the matters indicated on the notification. No separate decision will be made on the basis of the notification.
4. An inspection visit to the temporary sales premises may be executed, in particular if the sales take place at a large-scale public event. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure that the activities comply with the information indicated in the notification. Inspections of the activities of professional operators based in Helsinki are subject to a charge.

More information:

The outdoor sales regulations issued by the City of Helsinki must be considered at all events.
For more information call 09 310 14000.


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Printable forms - Notification of temporary food sales, PDF form (in Finnish)

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