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Requesting copies of certificates

E-service through which you can order copies of certificates from comprehensive school (from 1996 onwards) and upper secondary school (from 2006 onwards) from the archives of City of Helsinki Education Division.

Processing time:

Processing a request usually takes 5-10 days.

Expiration date:

The order is valid until a copy of the report is made.

More information:

You can order more recent certificates of vocational qualification from Helsinki Vocational College, older certificates (before year 2012) have been handed over to the City Archives. If necessary, Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute Admissions Office can help you find your certificate.
You can order copies of comprehensive school certificates issued before 1996 from the City Archives via Feedback form. Upper secondary school certificates issued before 2006 you get directly from the school. If you need a copy of certificate of matriculation you can order one from the Matriculation Examination Board, Tel. 0295 338 200.


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Using the e-service requires you to sign in either with your bank access codes or with mobile certificate.

Service available every day around the clock authorization code:

Koulu- tai tutkintotodistuksen tilaaminen

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish, English

Related service points and contact information:

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