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School classrooms, dining rooms and assembly halls are booked through the Timmi system


1. Register as a Timmi user electronically with your Business ID.
2. Send a facility booking request in Timmi.
3. You will receive a confirmation if your request is confirmed.
4. We will send you an invoice by post for the use of the facility.


We send invoices out once a month, and you will receive yours after the use of facilities.

More information:

The premises of Kankarepuisto Comprehensive School and Kankarepuisto playground can be booked online via the Varaamo booking system at


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Requires login
For individuals
For corporate customers


The user (company, association) has registered as a Timmi member electronically with a business ID and a private customer with a personal ID.

Open every day

Further information about e-services:

Please note, that only school classrooms, dining rooms and assembly halls can be booked through Timmi.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish, English

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Education Division

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