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Application for early education or pre-primary education

This application allows a guardian to apply for the early childhood education, pre-primary education or club activities of the City of Helsinki for their child.

Applications for municipal early childhood education and daycare should be submitted no later than four months before the child needs daycare, or soon as possible.


The instructions in the application form provides guidance on how to fill in the form. Incomplete or incorrect information is visible in red in the navigation on the left and on the Summary page. The Send button will not become active before all of the required fields on the form have been filled in. The form cannot be edited after it has been sent, but the sent application can be used as a template for the application concerning a sibling, for example.

The application can be saved as a draft, which can subsequently be edited under My Folder. The draft will be deleted when the application is submitted.

The sent application is saved in the applicant's own folder (My Folder), the e-services archival system and the Education Division's early education and pre-primary education customer information database. The service provides the sender with a confirmation and case number for a successfully sent application, which the applicant can use to monitor the application's status under My Folder. The status of a sent application awaiting processing is Sent. Once the application is being processed, its status will change to In Progress.

The decision on the location of early education and care is sent electronically to the personal folders (My Folder) of the guardians who live at the same address as the child, provided that they have a personal folder. The decision is also sent electronically to a guardian living in another address with the child, if the case involves a joint custody and the joint guardian has a personal folder.

Payment decisions are delivered electronically to the folder of the guardian who, according to the information provided to the client fees unit, is responsible for the payments.

The application may be removed prior to the decision by contacting the manager of the first location mentioned in the application. The status of a removed application is Cancelled.

During the processing time changes to the application are made by contacting the manager of the primary preference.

Processing time:

The processing time for applications is at most four months, unless the applicant's requested starting date for care is later than that. Process begins approx two months before the desired start date.

Expiration date:

The application is valid for a period of one year from the date of submission.

More information:

The earliest possible date for sending the application is a year before the care's desired start date.

Applications may also be submitted by people residing outside Helsinki. Being granted a care place is conditional on the family having a residence in Helsinki when care begins.


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Using the e-service requires an identification with either personal online banking codes or a mobile certificate.

Service available every day around the clock authorization code:

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The status of the processing can be monitored under My Folder. The owner of the My Folder receives a prompt of any change to the status of the application and any new service or payment decision via email or a text message. The form of the prompt can be chosen on the My Profile page, under My Folder.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish, English

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