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Application for job-related housing

An online service, which allows the employees of City of Helsinki to apply for job-related housing. Job-related housing is offered to employees of all of the City of Helsinki's divisions, central administration and enterprises (excluding HKL and Helsinki Service Centre, which provide their company housing themselves).


You can apply for job-related housing by completing a housing application. To get started, go over the apartments on the site of available apartments. After completing the application, you need to authenticate yourself with your online banking credentials or mobile certificate. You need to confirm the housing application in order to be included in the tenant selection. Once you have submitted the application, you will receive an email with a link for authentication. When you have confirmed the application, it is considered received and is recorded in the tenant selection system.

Authentication means proving your identity. If you do not have online banking credentials or a mobile certificate, you can authenticate yourself after submitting your application by visiting the rental apartment advice service at Työpajankatu 8 and proving your identity with an official identity card (driving licence, passport or identity card). After authentication, you can create a username and password using your email address. Your housing application will only be included in the tenant selection after the authentication visit. 

You may update your application. The application can be edited or renewed without editing. The new or updated application will replace the previously submitted application. An expired application cannot be updated or copied, but the applicant must submit a new application. The housing application can only be updated by the applicants themselves.

Job-related housing requires employment with the City of Helsinki and the lease agreements are valid until further notice.

Due to the small amount of apartments and the large amount of applicants, not all applicants will get an offer of housing.

Expiration date:

An application is valid for three (3) months from the time it was submitted or last modified.


The rental housing service is free of charge, and new occupants are not charged rental or other guarantees. The lease for job-related housing is invoiced and no rental security deposit is charged for the housing.


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