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Right of occupancy apartments, queuing numbers

The e-service can be used by customers to apply for new right-of-occupancy queuing numbers or to review their valid queuing numbers.


E-service application:
If applicants do not have right-of-occupancy queuing numbers, or they wish to apply for new numbers, they can obtain numbers by filling in an application.

After they submit their applications, applicants receive notifications in their e-service folders about the acceptance of their applications to the right-of-occupancy system and when new queuing numbers will be delivered to their e-service folders.

Applicants are notified about new entries in their folders by e-mail. N.B. The case number in the e-service folder is not the same as the queuing number.

Applicants can review their right-of-occupancy queuing numbers by signing in the system. The system displays all valid right-of-occupancy queuing numbers. If applicants have right-of-occupancy queuing numbers, they can report themselves to the builders of right-of-occupancy housing through the links in e-services if they so wish.

Queue number application:
You can also submit queue number application without using your online bank access codes. In that case, however, information on the progress of the application is not shown. During the checking of the personal identity code, a message will be displayed on the info screen about available sequential numbers retrieved earlier. The queue number will be sent to your e-mail.

Processing time:

Valid queuing numbers can be used immediately. New queuing numbers are delivered to the applicants' e-service folders in 2 days after the applications are submitted.

Expiration date:

Right-of-occupancy queuing numbers are valid until right-of-occupancy housing is assigned against those numbers.

More information:

The sites of right-of-occupancy housing can be checked in the map service for right-of-occupancy housing.


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The use of this service requires identification using online banking identification or mobile id.

Open every day around the clock

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish, English


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For individuals


Using online bank access codes is not required.

Telephone service:

09 310 13032.
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