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Supplementary social assistance application

This service allows you to apply for supplementary social assistance online.


Residents of Helsinki who have a valid basic social assistance decision from Kela can apply for supplementary social assistance online.

1. Please have a look at the application questions in advance.
2. For more information on supplementary social assistance, please refer to this page: Täydentävä toimeentulotuki (Supplementary social assistance, in Finnish). You will only need to supply the appendices or additional clarifications related to the supplementary social assistance in the application.
3. Please make sure you have all the required documents available in electronic form before you begin filling out the form. The online application can be saved as a draft if necessary. Appendices cannot be sent at a later time electronically, they can only be submitted later to the Application Reception Service by post to: Hakemusten vastaanotto, PO Box 6032, 00099 City of Helsinki.
4. The maximum number of application appendices is 15 and the maximum file size of an appendix is 2 MB.
5. When you have submitted your application, you will receive a notification stating: 'Application sent'. After a moment, you will receive another notification stating: 'Your form was successfully submitted. It is stored in your services folder under the number xxxxx.'
6. Applications can only be cancelled by calling the service number for benefit processing (Mon-Fri 9 am-12 noon; Finnish: 09 3105 6257, Swedish: 09 3104 4967).
7. The application process ends once a decision is made. Decisions are sent by post.
8. You can monitor the process of your application by checking the Status column in your services folder.

Processing time:

Applications will typically be processed within 7 working days, if all the information required for the decision is available.


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Requires login
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For individuals


The service requires authentication using either personal online banking codes or a mobile certificate.

The service is available around the clock, every day.

Service available every day around the clock


You can monitor the status of your application in your services folder.

Application statuses:
Sent = the application was sent successfully
Received = the application has been received, but it has not yet been processed
Processing = the processing of the application has begun
Resolved = a decision has been made regarding the application, and the decision will be mailed to the applicant
Cancelled = the application was cancelled by the person processing it, because it either overlaps with another application, or you have cancelled the application.

If you wish to receive an email message when the status of your application changes, please log into the service and ensure that your email address is correct in the Personal information section.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish


Social Services and Health Care Division

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