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Service for selling architectural drawings

Helsinki Building Control Services files drawings and approval documents related to construction projects in Helsinki. They can be found in the archives and you can buy copies there or through electronic service.


The Building Control Services files building permit decisions, approved main drawings, submitted special drawings and other documentation. Drawings and other approval documents of buildings built in Helsinki can be found in the archives which is located to Urban Environment Division's Customer Service. Drawing copies can be purchased from the archives and also through electronic service Lupapiste Kauppa.


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Payment enabled
For individuals
For corporate customers


You can pay by online banking, with invoice or credit card. You can use the files with copies of drawings as soon as you have made the payment.

Open every day around the clock


Through Lupapiste Kauppa electronic archive service you can purchase main and working drawings as well as specific drawings almost all buildings in Helsinki and download them to your computer. On Lupapiste kauppa service you can pay by online banking or credit card.

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Telephone service:

p. 09 310 26301
Open Mon-Thu 09-13

Personal service:

Työpajankatu 8 00530 Helsinki
Open Mon-Tue 08:15-12, Wed-Fri 12-15

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