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Research permit application, e-service

An online service for applying for a research permit for a study that involves the Education Sector.


1. The application is delivered to the Education Sector.
2. The application is processed, and a decision proposal is written. If the study covers two or more divisions of the Education Sector, the decision maker at each division shall fill in the recommendation. After this, Head of Education will state whether the application should be granted.
3. The decision maker at the Education Sector decides on the granting of the permit.
4. The applicant is notified of the decision through the service.

Processing time:

Processing the permit application may take up to one month. If the application is not adequately filled or some of the necessary attachments are not delivered, the process may take longer.

Expiration date:

The application is valid until the decision is made.

Printable forms - Research permit application, forms

The study must be of use to the City of Helsinki Education Sector. The targeted organisation and the subjects must be willing to participate in the study. If schools are studied, the schools in question and their principals must be consulted regarding the cooperation before applying for the research permit.
Research permits are, as a rule, not granted for commercial studies. Commercial studies that offer obvious benefits for the school or the administrative authority form an exception to this rule. The requirements of the Act on the Openness of Government Activities are followed for commercial register studies. Personal information may be given out from registers maintained by authorities for commercial studies only if the person in question has given consent to do so (Section 16.3 of the Act on the Openness of Government Activities).
The study must be approved by the principal of the school in advance. If the permit application applies to a large number of schools, the body responsible for the permits may take a stand in the matter. After this, the principals of each school can estimate the possibility of the school to participate.
If the study involves children under the age of 15, their guardians must be notified and their consent requested for participation in the study performed at the school. The consent must be explicit. The notification to the homes must state clearly what kind of study is being performed. The guardians can then decide whether to consent to their child participating. If the guardian denies consent, the child in question cannot participate in the study.
Students that have turned 15 can participate in studies performed at their school without consent from their guardian. Children of 15 years of age or older can decide themselves whether to participate. In this case, the guardians only need to be informed of the study in advance.

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