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Terrace license application

An e-service application, through which you may apply for a license to use a public area managed by the City of Helsinki Urban Environment Division as a terrace area. Via this same service, you may also apply for an action permit for the terrace structures from the Building Control Services, if necessary.


Before you begin filling out the terrace license application, make sure that you have read the terrace instructions and the lease draft available on the Urban Environment Division's website ( Please also make sure that you have acquired all the mandatory attachments requested in the application. The application cannot be forwarded unless it includes all the requested attachments. You can save an incomplete application as a draft, but please note that attachments are not saved along with the draft. Drafts are not visible to the Urban Environment Division.

The mandatory attachments that need to be included in the application are:

a) A zoning plan of the terrace location in a 1/500 scale. You can download a map template from the City of Helsinki map service at

b) A floor plan of both the summer and winter terraces in a 1/100 scale. You can download a map template from the City of Helsinki map service at The floor plan should detail the dimensions (length and width), the placement of fixtures, access routes and entrances of the terrace. In addition to this, the floor plan should also detail the width of the area left over for pedestrian use (excluding cycle routes etc.) as well as any trees, shrubberies, traffic signs, light poles and other potential obstructions in the immediate vicinity of the terrace. The terrace area, including all the equipment and signboards, may take a maximum of half of the free width of the area intended for pedestrians. The width of the free pedestrian pathway must always be at least 150 cm. More detailed instructions on the dimensions and accessibility of terraces as well as separate regulations concerning terrace dimensions in the pedestrian city centre can be found on the Urban Environment Division's website at

c) The building owner's written agreement on allowing the general area in front of the business premises to be used for outdoor serving purposes. The owner's agreement may be free in form, but must be in writing and have the date and signature.

d) The Trade Register extract of the applying company. The extract must be no older than three months. You can order the Trade Register extract from the National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland (

e) Photos of the street area and the facade of the building/business premises.

f) Photos of the fixtures and structures to be placed on the terrace.

g) A power of attorney, if the applicant is represented by an attorney.

1. The entrepreneur will apply to rent a public area to be used as a terrace area with an application, through which he/she agrees to the terrace's rental agreement terms.

2. The application arrives at the Urban Environment Division.

3. If your application also includes an action permit application concerning the fixed structures of the terrace, the application will also be sent to the Building Control Services. The Building Control Services charges a separate fee for the action permit.

4. The applicant will be informed about the decision by mail.

5. The Urban Environment Division compiles a terrace agreement decision for an approved terrace license application, which is valid until 31 December 2021 at the latest. The terrace agreement is subject to a charge in accordance with the valid price list.

Processing time:

The handling of a terrace license application takes approximately one month. The applicant should be prepared for a longer handling schedule, if the application includes an action permit application f

Expiration date:

The application is valid until it has been processed.


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