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Helsinki City Executive Office, integration grant for associations

The Helsinki City Executive Office awards grants to organisations that implement the goals of the City of Helsinki's Integration Programme.

This year, however, because the Integration Programme for 2022-2025 is still in development, applications submitted for the year 2022 will be evaluated based on the recently approved Helsinki City Strategy.


How the process works:
The grant for 2022 is intended to support projects, pilots and other activities that further the goals of the Helsinki City Strategy 2021-2025.

Who can apply?
Applicants must be able to describe the following sufficiently in their application:
. Which City Strategy goal or theme is implemented in their work?
. How will the activity be carried out in practice?
. What kinds of outcomes are expected to be achieved with the activities?
. How will the outcomes of the activities can be utilised in the future?

The applicant must prepare for the grant by contributing 10% internal financing.

Applications will be assessed based on how well they implement the goals and themes of the City Strategy 2021-2025. Applications will be compared according to the quality of their description of the organisation's activities as well as the feasibility of the budget. Cooperation with other organisations and different language groups is considered an asset.

Purpose of the grant:
Grants are awarded for projects, pilots and activities that promote integration in line with the goals and themes of the new Helsinki City Strategy. The grants are not intended to cover the following expenses: rental costs of the organization premises, phone and broadband costs, accommodation and travel expenses, and costs arising from the purchase of various equipment.

The grant must be used in full during the year 2022.

Applying for grants:
Applicants apply for the grant electronically. The application form can be found in the city's e-services under the heading 'Integration grant for associations'. The grant for organisations that promote integration is worth approximately 10,000 euros. The application period for 2022 grants starts on 1 November 2021 and closes on 30 November 2021 at 16.00.

A carefully completed Service Plan (Palvelusuunnitelma) must accompany the application. You can find a downloadable Service Plan form at the bottom of this page. The form must describe in detail the intended use of the grant and the budget. You can attach the Service Plan to the e-services application on the Attachments page.

Note that applications with no Service Plan attached will not be processed. Applications arriving after the deadline will likewise not be processed.
Organizational representatives can book an appointment with the application clinic at any time during the application period. To book a time, send an e-mail to miia.koivu(at)

Grants are distributed in accordance with the City of Helsinki's general grant guidelines.

Processing time:

6-8 weeks.

Expiration date:

A submitted application is valid until the decision has been made.

More information:

Grants are distributed in accordance with the City of Helsinki's general grant guidelines. For more information, please contact Helsinki City Executive Office/Labour and Immigration Unit/Special Planner Miia Koivu at miia.koivu(at), tel. +358 9 3103 7946


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Access to the form requires that you use either your bank or mobile identification codes.

Service available every day around the clock authorization code:

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The information included in a submitted application can be changed as long as the status of the application is shown as received in the service folder. An updated application replaces the previously submitted application. Once the application status changes to processing you cannot make any more changes. Attachments to the application can be submitted using the message function before the application period ends. Late and incomplete applications will be rejected.

Further information about e-services:

If you choose to save your application as a draft by selecting Save, the attachments will not be saved in the draft.

Who can apply?

Helsinki-based associations that promote the integration of residents of Helsinki with a foreign background. Actions that promote integration include supporting the employment, education and well-being and increasing the participation opportunities of residents of Helsinki with a foreign background, as well as building equal opportunities.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish, English


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