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Privacy protection and information security

Information security

It is safe to use the City’s eServices. Your personal folder or the messages you send through the service are not visible to outsiders.

You know that your connection is secure when the address in your browser’s address bar starts with https: (instead of http:). In many browsers, a secure connection is indicated by a lock icon displayed at the browser’s lower-right corner or next to the address bar. Pages that use encrypted connection are not stored in the browser’s cache memory.

Using the eServices requires you to sign in by using your bank access codes. Do not give your personal codes to anyone else. The City of Helsinki never asks for the users’ bank access codes, passwords, credit card number or other identifiers by phone, email, letter, or any other way. Take care that no one has access to these.

If you are using a computer that is also used by other people (for example in a library or Internet café), exit all programmes and services before leaving the computer. Also clear your browser’s cache.

The cache is cleared by deleting temporary Internet files and page history from the computer. Instructions for clearing the cache and page history can be found in your browser’s user guide. In the Internet Explorer browser, you can clear the cache by selecting Tools > Delete Browsing History, and in Mozilla Firefox by clicking Tools > Clear Recent History.

Privacy protection

For ensuring the privacy and legal protection of the users, it is important that the City of Helsinki handles personal data securely and in the manner required by law. More information is available in the personal data file descriptions compiled in accordance with the Personal Data Act.

The data system descriptions according to the Act on the Openness of Government Activities are available at (in Finnish).

The City does not collect user information for commercial purposes. Nor does the City sell or give up any collected information to third parties.

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