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The electronic services in alphabetical order and according to topic
The City of Helsinki's e-services can be found at
Choosing "E-services” under method of contact produces a list of all the e-services.

You can search for a service by writing its name in the search box. Choosing a certain topic will produce a list of all e-services of that certain topic at the bottom of the page:
Social and health care e-services
Culture and leisure e-services
Transport and maps e-services
City administration e-services
Housing and the environment e-services
Childhood and education e-services
You can also choose the resident group which the e-service is aimed at, for example:
E-services for enterprises
E-services for associations
Clicking the link “More about service” on the result list opens the description page of the service. On that page the “Go to e-service” opens the log in page to the form.

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