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Personal e-services folder

Personal e-services folder

As you sign in to the service, you are given a personal e-services folder. 
From this folder, you can see how many transactions or messages have been saved there in the last 30 days. Most transactions, such as sent applications, drafts, messages, decisions and supplements, will be saved in your personal folder. 

There are, however, some transactions that will not be saved in your folder. More information on this is provided on each service's description page. From there you can see whether the information related to said service will be saved in your personal folder.

Please note that there is a delay in updating the personal folder. In other words, sent forms do not appear in the folder immediately after you have sent them, but only after a short while.

You can use your folder for following the processing of your transactions. You can also send electronic messages to the persons handling them.

In your personal folder, you can

  • search for forms according to date sent or application number
  • view your applications
  • open applications you have sent or drafts you have saved by clicking the title of the application
  • organize your applications for instance according to name, date sent or date updated

By opening the Attachments tab, you can see the file names of the attachments you have sent. For the time being, it is not possible to open attachments through this service.

Email and text message notification of transactions

If you wish, you can get an email or text message notification of all new transactions in your personal e-services folder. The e-services system sends notifications on the hour from 9:00 to 20:00.

At the e-services site,, the customer can add a mobile phone number to his or her own profile, choose notification method (e-mail and/or text message) and the notification language (Finnish, Swedish or English).

The email address or mobile phone number added to the My profile page is not automatically used in the various electronic services. If an email address or phone number is required in any of the applications, it should be typed in again. This means that if you wish, you can use different email addresses or phone numbers for different services.

My profile page

When you sign in for the first time, you are asked to register. When registering, your name and social security number are displayed in the registration form.
You can change your registration information later by going to the My profile page. This page is only visible to users who have registered for the service.

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