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Work and training

Set your target at your dream job. Even limited work experience – a summer job, a work try-out or a training period – improve your chances of finding work.

Work try-outs at City of Helsinki departments

City of Helsinki departments offer unemployed 17- to 25-year-olds work try-outs.

The employing departments provide work try-out employees with relevant work experience and guide them at the workplace. There are limited opportunities for subsidized employment with the City for candidates who have completed a work try-out successfully.

Tips for your summer job search from Ansio course

The City of Helsinki Youth Department and HOK-Elanto organize so called Ansio (earnings) courses for 14- to 17-year-olds aimed at improving their opportunities to secure summer jobs and, at the same time, familiarizing them in employment over training periods. An Ansio course assists the attending teenagers in applying for jobs, and the course certificate is an excellent reference when looking for a job. An Ansio course includes both workplace theory and on-the-job training either at a HOK-Elanto workplace or at a Youth Department youth café.

Future Desk helps comprehensive school graduates to get on with their lives

The services of the Future Desk (Tulevaisuustiski) are aimed at 15- to 17-year-olds who have completed comprehensive school but are not in any form of further education or training and do not have any kind of work. The Future Desk offers young people personal guidance and information about education and training opportunities.

No job and no training? Contact youth placement services.

Youth placement services offer assistance and guidance for 15- to 29-year-olds. The services help young people to find and have access to services they need. The primary task of the services is to assist young people excluded from education or training and the job market. Young people can turn to youth placement services themselves, or their guardians can contact a placement-service youth worker.

Looking for a job

The City of Helsinki offers jobs for skilled young people. The City recruitment pages contain information about jobs in the City organization, career descriptions drafted by City employees and a listing of job openings.

You can apply for vacant jobs listed by employment offices. The webpages of employment offices allow you to customize your CV for a job application, plan your future in employment and register as a jobseeker.

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Workshops for young people

Helsinki Vocational College offers four workshops for young people to try out various jobs.