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Ruuti – participation channel for young people

Ruuti allows you to promote matters important for you, whether the theme is Baltic Sea protection, a new skateboarding site or the quality of your school environment. You can post your views on necessary improvements in Helsinki on the Ruuti website. You can browse other young people’s suggestions and comment on them. The suggestions are promoted by the Ruuti core group

Influence the operations of City departments

Do you wish to influence the operations of City of Helsinki departments? Submit your message for a department to the City of Helsinki Register Office.

You can also contact the City of Helsinki Youth Committee, which steers and develops the City youth work.

Need sponsorship for an excellent idea? Apply for Sponssi!

Sponssi is a form of sponsorship offered by the City of Helsinki for young people. The sponsorship can take the form of funding for an activity, equipment or spaces for young people’s activity groups in Helsinki. Sponssi sponsorship is granted for the implementation of projects and events. Sponssi is managed by the office of youth civic activity.

Youth participation centre Avara

Avara allows you to promote important matters together with other young people. Avara includes the Youth Voice – Nuorten Ääni – editorial board that influences society by methods of the media. You are welcome to join Youth Voice! Avara also includes Skarppi, a peer education programme that seeks to improve youth participation opportunities and to counter a culture that views alcohol use positively.

Youth centre meetings

All youth centres hold youth centre meetings twice a month. By joining the meetings, you can help to plan the youth centre’s activities, make decisions and comment on the centre’s budget.

Operation Pulse!

The programme offers free-of-charge activities, courses and events for 12- to 18-year-olds in Malminkartano, Kannelmäki, Haaga, Pukinmäki, Malmi and Tapanila. All activities are planned and carried out based on young people’s suggestions. So let us know what you would like to experience, see or do! Operation Pulse allows you to influence the operations of youth centres, libraries, cultural centres and other places of action.


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