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Services for families

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06.12.2019 13:46

Kultus cultural calendar

Art and cultural happenings for children in the capital region. In Finnish and in Swedish only.

Cultural calendar

Children's traffic town

Activities for preschool groups and 1st to 3rd graders in autumn, winter and spring weather permitting.

To traffic town

Children's town

Sederholm House is now Children’s Town. This new kind of children’s museum invites children of all ages and their families to experience the history of Helsinki first-hand.

Children's Town

Benefits for families with children

When a child is born and growing up, the parents are entitled to various benefits from Kela, as well as to family leave.


Financial assitance for families with children

Society covers the costs of children for families with various economic benefits and child care arrangements.

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Ombudsman for children in Finland

The ombudsman promotes the interests of children. The ombudsman pages discuss the theme in a manner easily understood by children.

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