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The Nähtävänä nyt page (Currently on display, in Finnish) contains the town plans and traffic plans that are under preparation and that can be commented on by the public. The page also announces public events. The Suunnitelmat kartalla service (Plans on the map, in Finnish) allows the public to review the current stage of town plans, partial master plans and traffic plans under preparation. The service also provides access to the materials used in the preparation of the plans.

Current plans

Areas under planning

Transportation and traffic planning comprises the planning of all modes of transport – public transport, vehicular traffic, cycling and walking – and parking.

Transportation and traffic planning

Green area plans assess the current conditions of services, structures and facilities in green areas, record any improvement needs, and define the order of urgency of improvement needs. Green area plans determine area maintenance goals in cooperation with any parties concerned. A park plan is prepared for every park to the constructed or to be renovated. A park plan defines the placement of trees and plants, park furniture, surface materials and lighting.

Green area planning and maintenance

Route network plans are plans dealing with the development of the public transport route network. They are prepared on the basis of public transport service level objectives. 

Route network plans
Public transport planning

Helsinki energy sourcing aims to become carbon neutral by 2050. 

Plans for a carbon-neutral future

Water management development plans have been prepared for 2013-2022 by the regional water services and waste management authority Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority in cooperation with its member cities Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kaunianen.

Water management development plans

A letter of intent on land use, housing, transportation and traffic for 2012-2015 between the Finnish State and the Helsinki Region municipalities states that a common land use plan should be prepared for the Helsinki Region. The land use plan should accommodate the development principles and solutions of the region’s area and community structures as well as the transportation and traffic system. 

Helsinki Region land use plan (in Finnish)

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