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Central administration

The Helsinki City Executive Office functions as a planning, preparation and executive body.

Tel. +358 9 310 1641.
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Education division

The division consists of four units, which are early and preschool education, comprehensive school education, general upper secondary and vocational education, and Swedish-language operations including the Swedish Adult Education Centre Arbis. 

Tel. +358 9 310 8600.
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Urban environment division

This division consists of three units, which are land use and city structure, buildings and public areas, and services and permits.

Tel. +358 9 310 2611. 
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Culture and leisure division

The Culture and Leisure Division consists of four units, which are library, culture, youth and sports. The culture unit comprises the Cultural Office, Helsinki Art Museum HAM, Helsinki City Museum and the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra.

Tel. +358 9 310 1691.  

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Social services and health care division

The division’s units are family and social services, health care and substance abuse services, and hospital, rehabilitation and care services.

Tel. +358 9 310 5015.
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Audit department

The Department assesses the implementation of the targets set to the City and the City Group by the City Council, and assists the Auditor on the auditing of the City administration and finances.

Tel. +358 9 310 43126.
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Helsinki City Organisation

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