Helsinki Mayors

The City will have a Mayor and four Deputy Mayors elected for the duration of the Council term.

The Mayor leads the City and serves as chairperson of the City Board. The City Council elects a Mayor for an electoral period, i.e. the time between two local elections.

The Deputy Mayors serve as chairpersons of the sector committees and are members of the City Board. The City Council elects from among the councillors Deputy Mayors for a term as long as an electoral period.

The four city sectors are Social Services and Health Care, Education, City Environment and Culture and Leisure.

The Mayor and Deputy Mayors each manage, supervise and develop the City administration in their respective fields of responsibility, ensuring that the objectives defined for the operations are achieved.

The Mayor and Deputy Mayors present the matters under their authority in City Board meetings. They should also be present at City Council meetings and can make statements at the meetings. The Mayor directs the City administration, financial management and other operations, reporting to the City Board.

Helsinki Mayors’ email addresses are


The National Coalition Party has secured the Mayor’s office, which will go to Jan Vapaavuori, as well as the office of the Deputy Mayor for education, which will go to the National Coalition Party candidate Pia Pakarinen. The Green League has secured the offices of the Deputy Mayors for city environment and for social services and health care. The candidate for the former of these two offices is Anni Sinnemäki; the candidate for the latter office is Sanna Vesikansa. The office of the Deputy Mayor for culture and leisure goes to the Social Democratic Party, whose candidate for the position is Nasima Razmyar. The City Council will also elect the members of sector committees, committee divisions and committee boards. Sector committees will be chaired by Deputy Mayors.  


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