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Travel and transport

Continue to avoid non-essential travel

The Finnish government has issued new border traffic restrictions and travel recommendations and continues to ask that all residents avoid non-essential travel.

See the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for a list of the countries that are still subject to border control. If you are returning to Finland from one of these countries, you should self-isolate in quaratine-like conditions for 14 days before resuming contact with others.

Health guidance points at ship terminals

The City of Helsinki maintains first health guidance point for ship passengers at terminal 2 of the city's West Harbour. Similar health guidance points are also in operation at the Olympic Terminal and the Katajanokka Terminal.  Helsinki opened a health guidance point at the West Harbour

Covid-19 testing at the Helsinki Airport and ports

Covid-19 testing for arriving passengers with symptoms at Helsinki Airport

Impact of covid-19 on the Port of Helsinki and Coronavirus – instructions for passenger

Coronavirus precautions on public transport in Helsinki

Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) has asked that capital area residents avoid non-essential travel on public transport at peak hours, so that those who have to travel can do so safely. Walking and cycling is encouraged as an alternative.

If you are sick in any way, do not use public transportation!

On 13 August 2020, the national health authority recommended that customers of public transport use a face mask to keep other safe. Customers are asked to distance themselves from other passengers at stations, stops and when onboard the vehicles. If there are seats available, sit rather than stand, but avoid sitting next to other people. If a vehicle is full, please wait for the next one.

Good hand hygiene is also being encouraged. Hand sanitizer dispensers are available at several Metro station and the Helsinki Central Railway Station. See the HSL website for more detailed safety tips and instructions. 

HSL buses, trains, Metros, trams and ferries made their seasonal switch to autumn timetables in early August. The length of Metro peak service has been expanded, for example, to create more room for passengers in the cars. See the HSL website for the latest timetable information.

Together for safety: HSL recommend wearing a face mask on public transport

Helsinki distributes free masks to people in need

Helsinki prepares for implementation of facemask recommendation

City bikes are a good alternative

Using city bikes instead of public transport may help stop the spread of covid-19. Remember to practice good hand hygiene before and after you use a city bike. 

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