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Travel and transport

Border controls have been discontinued

Internal border controls have been discontinued in Finland as of 26 July 2021. This means that traffic from EU and Schengen countries to Finland is once again allowed without restrictions. See the Border Guard's Guidelines for border traffic during the pandemic for details.

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) nevertheless reminds residents that rapid changes in the epidemic situation are still possible. For this reason, THL calls for extra caution when travelling. The institute also recommends avoiding unnecessary travel outside the EU and Schengen area, except for countries for which the Finnish government has lifted entry restrictions.

The institute says that all travel to Brazil, South Afria and India should be avoided due to covid-19 variants that have spread in these countries. See THL's information on Travel and the coronavirus pandemic for more information.

Arriving in Helsinki from abroad

Starting on 26 July 2021, passengers will be permitted to enter Finland from EU and Schengen countries if they can present proof of having received a complete series of covid-19 vaccinations (with the last dose having been administered at least 14 days prior to arrival) or having contracted covid-19 previously (within the previous six months). 

Use the handy FINENTRY digital service provided by the Helsinki hospital network HUS to help you make the necessary arrangements, especially any coronavirus testing that may be required for entry.

All Finnish citizens and permanent residents of Finland have the right to return to Finland if they wish, provided there is no legal impediment.

At the Helsinki Airport

See Air travel during Covid-19 for information about coronavirus testing and precautions at the Helsinki Airport.

At Helsinki ports

Upon boarding the ship, you must present proof of having received one or two covid-19 vaccinations (at least 2 weeks after the last vaccination), a negative coronavirus test result (tested within 72 hours) or having contracted covid-19 previously (within the previous six months). 

The City of Helsinki runs several coronavirus guidance points at the Port of Helsinki. The terminals of West Harbour, Katajanokka and Vuosaari have coronavirus test points that also serve car passengers. Testing and advice is available to all passengers arriving to Helsinki by sea. See the Port of Helsinki's website for more information and read the city's bulletin for port activities: When arriving in Finland and Helsinki from abroad

Coronavirus precautions on public transport in Helsinki

Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) has asked that capital area residents avoid non-essential travel on public transport at peak hours, so that those who have to travel can do so safely. Walking and cycling is encouraged as an alternative.

If you are sick in any way, do not use public transportation!

Everyone aged 12 or over must wear a face mask when using HSL public transport. The only acceptable reason for not wearing a mask is if you are unable to do so for medical reasons.

Customers are asked to distance themselves from other passengers at stations, stops and when onboard the vehicles. If there are seats available, sit rather than stand, but avoid sitting next to other people. If a vehicle is full, please wait for the next one.

Good hand hygiene is also being encouraged. Hand sanitizer dispensers are available at several Metro station and the Helsinki Central Railway Station. See the HSL website for more detailed safety tips and instructions. 

Mask mandate for HSL public transport starting from 13 March 2021: information and instructions

Helsinki distributes free masks to people in need

Recommondation: Wear a mask on public transport in different languages

Cash and payment card ticket purchases suspended at HSL service points

Until further notice, Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) has suspended the sales of tickets paid with cash or payment cards in its service points at the Helsinki Central Railway Station and the district of Itäkeskus. The reason for this is the worsening coronavirus situation in the Metropolitan Area. Tickets can be purchased and HSL cards topped up for example at ticket machines and at the other ticket sales points. Find your closest sales point on the map

HSL service points will remain open for other transactions, such as customer group changes or the establishment of a customer relationship. The cards of invoiced customers and payment commitment customers will also be topped up normally.

  • Cash and debit/credit card ticket sales at HSL service points suspended

  • 28.07.2021 14:28