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Visits to the disabled housing units

We recommend that visits be organised outside if possible, with due consideration for maintaining safe distances. Relatives and friends can visit the customer apartments or rooms in the housing unit, but should avoid lingering in shared indoor spaces. Visitors must use the disposable surgical masks provided by the housing unit. Unit personnel use surgical masks when they are in close contact with the customers.

Instructions for safe visits

  • Agree on the visit beforehand with the housing unit personnel.
  • You can only visit safely if you are completely healthy, do not have a fever, and have no symptoms of an illness.
  • You may not visit if you are in quarantine or similar conditions or if you are isolated because of a trip abroad, a coronavirus exposure or coronavirus infection.
  • We recommend that you arrange to visit customers outdoors, e.g. sharing a coffee outside of a cafe or a walking together.
  • If you come inside the housing unit, you must wash your hands thoroughly before you enter and maintain safe distances from customers and staff during the stay. 
  • During your visit, you may only stay in the customer’s apartment or room.
  • Maintain a sufficient safety distance from others at all times. 

    Housing unit personnel will provide you with detailed instructions about the practical arrangements of your visit. These instructions must be followed.

  • 17.09.2021 15:45