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Coronavirus testing in Helsinki

When should I be tested?

Get tested without delay if you have even mild suspicions of contracting the coronavirus. Symptoms include fever, coughing, fatigue, nausea, diarrhoea, muscle soreness, a sore throat, a runny nose, shortness of breath and a loss of the sense of smell and taste. If you have any of these symptoms, seek out testing quickly and avoid close contact with other people before the test. 

As a general rule, a COVID-19 test is not needed if your symptoms are mild, if you have received two doses of the vaccine and at least a week have passed since the second vaccination, or if you have a history of having had a COVID-19 infection and have received a single vaccination dose at least one week previously, or if you have a history of having had a COVID-19 infection within the previous six months.

Still apply for the test as usual if you know you have been exposed to the coronavirus. Still apply for the test if you are involved in social and health care client work, are a resident or employee of elderly care and treatment units, or or you are at risk of suffering from severe COVID-19. 

You must also get tested if you receive an exposure notification from the Koronavilkku app, even if you have no symptoms of a coronavirus infection.

The coronavirus test will reveal whether you are currently infected with the covid-19 coronavirus. The City of Helsinki’s testing stations do not carry out antibody tests, which reveal whether you have had a covid-19 infection in the past. We test symptomatic persons as well as those who have received an exposure notification from the Koronavilkku app. If you have not received an exposure notification from Koronavilkku and present no symptoms, you do not need to get tested.

Coronavirus tests are carried out by appointment

You can book an appointment through the symptom assessment on Omaolo. As a guardian, you can also act on behalf of a child under the age of 15.

Conduct a symptom assessment on

Begin by completing a symptom assessment. If your symptoms are mild, you can book an appointment for a coronavirus test through Omaolo. You will be reminded of your appointment via text message. If your symptoms are severe, a health care professional must examine your situation after the symptom assessment.

If you have received an exposure notification from the Koronavilkku app, make the appropriate selection in the Omaolo symptom assessment.

You can also make an appointment by calling the Coronavirus Helpline at tel. 09 310 10024, open daily 8–18.

Other times please call the Medical helpline, tel. 116 117.

There is good availability of coronavirus test appointment times. You can even get an appointment on the same day you book. Get tested quickly if you have any coronavirus symptoms.

You get the arrival instructions when you book an appointment

You will receive information about the available locations when booking the appointment. Depending on the location of the test point, you can arrive by car, public transport, bike or by foot. You can choose your preferred testing point from several locations in the city.

The opening hours are different for each location. You can check the opening hours e.g. when you make the appointment or on the website for each location.

Coronavirus testing points in Helsinki

Note: You can be tested by appointment at the coronavirus testing points listed below.

Ala-Tikkurila, Härkävaljakontie 31 (9lives)
Hakaniemi, Hakaniemen tori (9lives)
Hernesaari, Laivakatu 2 (Mehiläinen)
Herttoniemi, Linnanrakentajantie 4 A (Terveystalo)
Itäkeskus, Kajaaninlinnantie 9 (Mehiläinen)
Itäkeskus, Tallinnanaukio 1 B (City of Helsinki)
Kamppi, Jaakonkatu 3 (Terveystalo)
Kamppi, Narinkkatori (9lives)
Kannelmäki, Kaari, Kantelettarentie 1 / Laulukuja (Terveystalo)
Kruununhaka, Vironkatu 2 (City of Helsinki)
Malmi, Malmin lentoaseman aukio (City of Helsinki)
Meilahti, Biomedicum, Haartmaninkatu 8 (HUS)
Munkkivuori, Raumantie 1 A (Pihlajalinna)
Oulunkylä, Mäkitorpantie 18 (Pihlajalinna)
Pasila, Hartwall Arena, Veturitie 9 (9lives)
Pasila, Messukeskus, Ratamestarinkatu 14 (HUS)
Pasila, Messukeskus, Ratapihantie 17 (Mehiläinen)
Pikku Huopalahti, Tilkka, Mannerheimintie 164 (Pihlajalinna)
Vuosaari, Kahvikuja (9lives)

Map of testing points in Helsinki

You get tested by booking an appointment. You get the necessary information by SMS after you have filled in the symptom assessment on Omaolo and have been asked to get tested. If necessary, you can cancel the appointment through the link in the SMS.

The assigned test time is an estimate, please be prepared to wait. When queuing for testing, wear a face mask and keep adequate safe distances from others.

Please follow these instructions when coming in for a test

  • Wear a face mask in transit to and from the testing station
  • Take care that you practice good hand hygiene during your journey
  • Cough and sneeze into a tissue or your sleeve
  • Maintain a safe distance from other people

Cancellation of a coronavirus test

If you or your child can not attend a booked coronavirus testing appointment, you can change or cancel the appointment at When you change or book the appointment you need a booking key and PIN code that you received in the text message regarding the booked appointment. You can also use strong identification on the website.

If you cancel an appointment that you have booked and want to book a new one, you can also choose a different testing point.

Coronavirus test without an appointment

Mobile coronavirus testing points in the districts of Kannelmäki, Malmi, Kontula, Itäkeskus and Vuosaari

Note: You can be tested without appointment at the mobile testing point at Kannelmäki, Malmi, Kontula, Itäkeskus and Vuosaari. All the other coronavirus testing points can be visited by appointment.

Mobile corona test point.


Mon 09:00 – 15:30 Kannelmäki (Kanneltalo, Sitratori, near the statue Unelma)
Tue 09:00 – 15:30 Malmi (on the square between Malmitalo and Malmin virastotalo, Ala-Malmin tori 1 / Pekanraitti)
Wed 09:00 – 15.30 Kontula (on the square between Kontula library and Kontula health station, Ostoskuja 3 / Ostostie 4)
Thu 09:00 – 15.30 Itäkeskus (behind Stoa, at the car park next to Puhos, Turunlinnantie 1 / Korsholmantie 2)
Fri 09:00 – 15.30 Vuosaari (Vuotalo, Mosaiikkitori 2 / Rajapaadenraitti)

Please bring your ID. The test is free of charge. When queuing for testing, wear a face mask and keep adequate safe distances from others.

Please note that the testing point closes at 15.30. Be prepared to queue. If you come to the testing point just before closing, please note that the testing point might close before everyone in the queue are tested. 

Test centres offer tests without appointments, but unfortunately they do not issue certificates. Instead, you can download an EU Digital COVID Certificate at My Kanta, which also contains an EU certificate of a negative COVID-19 test result. 

What you should do when you arrive in Finland and Helsinki from abroad 

Read Coronavirus FAQ and When arriving in Finland and Helsinki – information for travellers

Information for flight passengers, see

Coronavirus testing of children and young people of school age

Children must have a guardian with them when they come for the test.

Once guardians determine that a child has symptoms of a respiratory tract infection, the child may not go to school or daycare. A child should be brought to a test if a caregiver or health care professional concludes that the symptoms match those of a coronavirus infection.

Even if the symptoms are mild, it’s especially important to test a child immediately if they or a family member has been exposed to a confirmed case of coronavirus or the family has travelled abroad in the last 14 days.

If a child under school age has mild symptoms, the situation can be followed for a couple of days at home. A child with symptoms may not attend early childhood education. If the symptoms continue, it is recommended that the child attend a coronavirus test.

Please note: A corona test is always necessary if a school-aged child or young person has coronavirus symptoms.

Instructions for people in quarantine

Children and coronavirus (THL)

Travel and the coronavirus pandemic (THL)

Proof of a negative test result

The EU Digital COVID Certificate serves as the main form of proof of a negative test result. It also includes a COVID test certificate. You can download a certificate at My Kanta, and it will show your latest test result. Your information will be transferred to My Kanta within approximately five days, so please be patient. Read more: EU Digital COVID Certificate can be obtained from My Kanta.

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