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What to do after a coronavirus test?

A covid-19 test determines whether you have a coronavirus infection. The instructions below tell you what to do if you have recently been tested.

Please stay at home until the test result is confirmed

It takes about one day to get the test result. If you have not received the test result within three days, check the result at If the test result does not appear at, please call Helsinki’s Coronavirus Helpline (open daily 8–18), tel. 09 310 10024.

To protect other people, you must stay at home at least until the test result is confirmed. Do not go grocery shopping or to the pharmacy, for example.

Symptomless family members do not need to quarantine themselves while you are waiting for the results, but they should contact their employers to make sure they are allowed to go to work.

You are primarily responsible for organising the food and medicine delivery that you need. If it is difficult for you to find help with grocery shopping or going to the pharmacy, please report your concerns to a social services and health care professional. We can provide you with the necessary help. If you require assistance, please call the Social Services’ Coronavirus Helpline on 09 310 21175.

If you are calling about concerns regarding coronavirus symptoms, please call the Coronavirus Helpline, tel. 09 310 10024 (daily 8–18).

If your test result is positive, meaning that you have a coronavirus infection

You will receive a text message with the following notification in Finnish: ”Koronatestisi on positiivinen, eli sinulla on koronavirustartunta.” We also make calls to report test results in the evenings and at weekends. We recommend that you inform your close contacts about possible exposures. This can speed up the tracing by several days.

You will also receive an SMS with a link to an encrypted online form. In it, you will be asked to provide key details regarding the infection. You can sign in to the form by using electronic authentication. After filling in the form, you will be sent the Koronavilkku code by text message, if you are using the application. The text message with the Koronavilkku code will be sent to you between 8–20. The code will remain valid for 12 hours. If you miss this window, you can also receive the code in connection to the phone call regarding your isolation decision.

If you cannot fill in the online form, we ask that you please write down for yourself the answers to the instruction document you received at the testing station. 

We will also contact you personally regarding your isolation decision and infection tracking. The call will come from the number 09 310 10020, another number starting 09 310 or an unknown number. For more information on isolation, please visit

See also: Treatment of coronavirus and instructions for the infected (THL)

If your test result is negative, meaning that you do not have a coronavirus infection

You will receive a text message with the following notification in Finnish: “Koronatestisi tulos oli negatiivinen, eli näytteessä ei ilmennyt koronavirusta.” However, it is important that you to stay in quarantine-like conditions for as long as you have symptoms. A child can return to daycare once their symptoms have clearly improved.

If the test is taken during the quarantine period (on the sixth day from the exposure), the quarantine decision is no longer valid if the test result is negative. In this case you get a new quarantine decision automatically.

If you need proof that you have had a COVID test, you can download an EU Digital COVID Certificate at My Kanta, which also contains an EU certificate of a negative COVID-19 test result. The certificate will show your latest test result. Your information will be transferred to My Kanta within approximately five days, so please be patient.

If your condition deteriorates and you feel that you cannot cope at home

Check your symptoms online at or call Helsinki’s Coronavirus Helpline (open every day 8–18), tel. 09 310 10024, or the Medical Helpline, tel. 116 117, at other times. In a life-threatening situation, please call the national emergency number 112.

Coronavirus information in different languages 

Coronavirus information in different langauges

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