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Metropolitan Area coronavirus coordination group

The Cities of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa, the National Institute of Health and Welfare, the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa, and the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland established a regional Metropolitan Area coronavirus coordination group on 10 September 2020. In line with a regional operating model devised by Finland’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the group aims to strengthen the formation of a common situational assessment and to coordinate and prepare local and regional measures.

The group consists of top management from each member organisation and is responsible for the preparation and coordination of decision-making based on a shared assessment of the situation. Each member makes decisions independently, within its own sphere of authority. The group further intensifies the close metropolitan area collaboration that has continued throughout the coronavirus crisis. The City of Helsinki is responsible for organising the group’s operations.

The group usually convenes on thursdays. Briefings on new decisions will be held after the meeting or on the next day.

Members of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area coronavirus coordination group


27.05.2021 Public spaces and leisure activities will be opened to a limited extent in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area as of 1 June 2021

20.05.2021 The Metropolitan Area coronavirus coordination group recommends changing the personal limits for public events

11.05.2021 The Metropolitan Area coronavirus coordination group decides on the staggered opening of services as of 17 May 2021

20.04.2021 Helsinki Metropolitan Area to resume contact teaching and prepare for opening indoor hobby opportunities for persons aged 20 and younger

15.04.2021 The metropolitan area’s coronavirus coordination group implements the principle of children and youth first in lifting restrictions and will first open up outdoor activities for residents aged 20 and younger

08.04.2021 The coronavirus coordination group recommends the continuation of the provisional implementation of section 58(g) of the Communicable Diseases Act

11.03.2021 Metropolitan area coronavirus coordination group recommends continuation of closed door policy, actual distancing requirement and restrictions on public events

25.02.2021 Temporary Section 58(g) of Communicable Diseases to be Applied Immediately, Metropolitan Area Coronavirus Coordination Group Urges

23.02.2021 The Helsinki Metropolitan Area coronavirus coordination group recommends that a decision be made to implement temporary section 58(d) of the Communicable Diseases Act immediately and temporary section 58(g) as soon possible

18.02.2021 Capital region shifts to safe alternating contact teaching in upper secondary education, extends current recommendations and restrictions to end of March

27.01.2021 Current recommendations and restrictions to continue, leisure activities and youth services for minors to resume on a limited basis

15.01.2021 Coronavirus coordination group safeguards matriculation examination preparations, maintains suspension of children's recreational activities

05.01.2021 Coronavirus coordination group decides to extend current restrictions and recommendations in its operating area


18.12.2020 Coronavirus coordination group urges adherence to recommendations and restrictions during holidays

11.12.2220 Coronavirus coordination group extends recommendations and restrictions in metropolitan area

27.11.20 New restrictions and recommendations set by the metropolitan area’s coronavirus coordination group

20.11.20 Helsinki Metropolitan Area declares active covid-19 spreading phase, introduces tighter recommendations and restrictions

13.11.20 Metropolitan area prepared for possible surge in epidemic

09.11.20 Face mask usage recommended for the staff of comprehensive schools in the Metropolitan Area

14.10.20 Metropolitan area group proposes binding mask use order, expands recommendation to workplaces

12.10.20 Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen remind cultural, sports and youth service operators of the importance of responsible operation during the coronavirus pandemic

09.10.20 The Helsinki metropolitan area – a recommendation to avoid private events of more than 20 persons and to require face masks at sports and culture events

06.10.20 Helsinki Metropolitan Area adopts new ways to curb the spread of the coronavirus

29.09.20 Cities of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa recommend wearing masks when using municipal services

29.09.20 Mask recommendation expands to upper secondary schools in the capital city area

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