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City of Helsinki employee instructions

Helsinki City Group employees are encouraged to work from home

City of Helsinki employees are encouraged to work from home, if the nature of their work allows for this. Please contact your supervisor to confirm if your work fits this category and to make the necessary arrangements.

Do not come to work if you are ill

City of Helsinki employees may not come to work if they are ill, and may not return to work until symptoms of their illness have ended and another full day has passed without symptoms. Employees in health or senior care must stay at home for two full symptom-free days before returning to work.

If you suspect that you have contracted the coronavirus, use the Coronavirus symptom checker to assess your symptoms. The assessment will direct you to a test or treatment as needed. 

Symptoms in need of a medical diagnosis should be reported to the City of Helsinki’s occupational health care provider via their online service channel between 7:30 am and 3 pm, or by ringing 09 310 54100 from 8 am to 4 pm.

During the pandemic, supervisors can approve work absences of up to ten calendar days without a doctor’s certificate, if an employee is ill with a respiratory infection. Regular sick leave procedures apply to all other forms of illness.

Which city employees are being tested for a coronavirus infection?

The national health watchdog THL now recommends that people in Finland seek out testing at a low threshold.

The City of Helsinki follows THL recommendations for employee testing, particularly in the case of workers who are critical to operations of social services and healthcare (employees of hospitals, healthcare centres on-call duty and wards, long-term care and assisted living facilities, and home care).

Covid-19 testing is available to all City of Helsinki employees who show symptoms of a coronavirus infection or are suspected of having a coronavirus infection, in line with a diagnosis from an occupational health care professional. 

Please contact the city’s health care provider Occupational Health Helsinki remotely, or ring your municipality’s coronavirus helpline for more information.

Travel guidelines

City of Helsinki employees are being asked to not make work trips abroad for the time being.

Work trips within the country are allowed, if official government guidelines are observed at possible events or meetings at your destination.

When it comes to leisure travel, the City of Helsinki complies with the travel recommendations found on the Finnish government website.

If you return to Finland from a country that is still subject to border controls, please contact your supervisor. If needed, the divisions, departments and city companies will provide further instruction about returning from abroad, if the nature of your job so requires.

22.12.2020 17:35